Congratulations on your decision to follow Christ!

We are so thankful for your decision to follow Jesus Christ!

LA Woori Community Church is committed to helping you grow strong in your faith and be connected to the body of Christ. Fill out the form below to receive a Free Bible (Gospel of John) and other resources this week via mail delivery.

Here are the recommended steps for you to consider...


1. Read the Bible!:

You can start by reading the gospel. You will receive a Free Bible (Gospel of John) and other resources this week via mail delivery.


2. Join a Small Group:

We have weekly Online Small Group gatherings to share the word of God, and have spiritual fellowship as a group to learn and grow.  To find out more please visit 

 How to Join Small Group page.

3. Most importantly, we have Online Sunday Service every Sunday at 11 AM for you to:

  • learn more about Jesus;

  • be rooted in a Christian community through Online Small Group;

  • read the Bible together;

  • and pray together with your prayer request. 


You can find more information through our resources at Online Service Guide and How to Join Small Group pages.

May God bless you as you continue to learn more about Him!

Please contact us at, should you have any other needs or questions.

For your resources and to stay connected...


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